- About Tubbify -

Tubbify was established with the aim of being a convenient and orderly index of music videos in YouTube. If you want YouTube in the Spotify way. There is currently no music service available in any country in the world. Many people hear music through services like YouTube. The problem is that YouTube is not as easily organized as the usual music services, it is not possible to tour comfortably among different artists, it is usually not possible to hear an entire album in sequence.
This is exactly the solution that comes to solve the Tubbify service.

Our goal

To provide quality and organized content that create the best experience for free.
All content will be editable and modified by the community.
Ad free website.

3rd party services


Open source

Very soon the site will open as an open source project, and we will be very happy to any suggestions for improvement. Any donation of code, any bug opening will be very useful so that we can get better.
Until then, we will be able to offer improvements to our e-mail address: or in the requests page.
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